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Edwin J. Roberts

Edwin Roberts is the owner of Your Long Term Care Resource, teacher and a Dave Ramsey ELP and comes to Long Term Care with a unique perspective. As a teacher having taught continuing education and licensing requirements for financial professionals, insurance professionals, CPA's and attorneys for years, he knows the importance of providing providing wise counsel and sound advice based on factual information, to help people make the best informed decision for there needs.  His 28 years in corporate management with progressive levels of responsibilities and experience, he learned first-hand the value of meeting the needs of those for whom he had responsibility. “The best part of my working experience was the relationships that happened from sharing, growing, and developing not only my team but also myself.” Ed’s aerospace manufacturing background gave him an appreciation for the difficulties and struggles people face in being heard, valued, and having their individual needs and skills encouraged and met. Handling analytical, fact based details has prepared him well to assist people with their retirement strategy to include long term care protection. A personal incident within Ed’s immediate circle helped him learn the vulnerability and exposure that occurs when people fail to plan for long term events. The importance of being able to make health and care choices at vulnerable times in our lives are key considerations. He says, “It excites me everyday being able to help people plan for the most important period of there lives that has been so under served". 

Ed is married to Elise G. Roberts and has three sons.