Traditional Long Term Care

What is Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance?


Traditional Long Term Care Insurance is a way to take greater control of your future while helping protect your loved ones from the impact of a possible long-term care event. This type of policy gives you choices about the kind of care you can get, including whether you will receive care at home or in a facility. This ensures that the funding is there for what you want, when you need it.

Simply put, long-term care (LTC) insurance is a policy that helps individuals who can no longer care for themselves afford the services they need. Long term care insurance is designed to pay benefits when the person requires extended care as the result of an accident, injury, illness or for most decline in functionality with aging.  Benefits not covered by health insurance or medicare. Individuals who use LTC insurance can expect coverage for help with  

things like home health care, respite services, hospice care, adult daycare, and extended stays in nursing homes/assisted living facilities. 

Because most healthcare insurance policies don’t cover many activities in the long-term world of needs, LTC insurance is a must-have as care needs grow in the future.

The average LTC benefit period lasts about 4 years, which begins when the individual or a family member contacts the insurer to indicate that the beneficiary is no longer able to care for their basic needs at home.